Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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New This Fall! Arabic Classrooms for Teaching Foreign Languages Resource

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Annenberg Learner and Qatar Foundation International (QFI) are partnering to bring a robust professional development Open Education Resource (OER) to U.S. Arabic language educators. The project, Teaching Arabic, is produced by WGBH Boston with guidance from leading advisors on the teaching of Arabic and world languages. Teaching Arabic includes seven videos of public school Arabic classrooms where student-centered teaching and authentic language … [Continue reading]

Six Ways Learner Can Support You This School Year


Welcome back for the 2016-17 school year. Time to start working on those new ideas that have been brewing all summer. While we hope that many of you have spent part of your summer relaxing, we also know you participated in professional development workshops (like the Annenberg-Newseum Summer Teacher Institute) and developed new strategies and curricula for your students. In the Learner office, we have a big year ahead of us. We are excited for … [Continue reading]

Turning Toward the New in Physics

Meissner Effect8412_small

A lot has happened in the physics world since the time of Isaac Newton. Sure, the laws of thermodynamics are still in play, but we now know much more about the operating system of the universe. And there’s still a lot more to find out. In 1985, the Annenberg/CPB Project premiered a physics course on classical mechanics for undergraduate non-majors called The Mechanical Universe…and Beyond. The videos opened with a lecture segment by … [Continue reading]

Summer Science Projects

LIFE girl magnify tmag copy

Make summer learning experiences in science fun with these activities. 1. Construct models of the Sun, Earth, and Moon and create a series that matches the phases of the Moon using the Moon Phase Activity from A Private Universe. 2. Build your own miniature ecosystems and observe plant and butterfly life cycles within. All instructions and links for materials are provided in Life Science: Brassica and Butterfly System. 3. Create a … [Continue reading]

What does great teaching look like?

TM K-4 students1

Are you new to teaching? Do you want to refine your teaching strategies after reflecting on your practice? One of the best ways to improve is to watch veteran teachers guide their students in the learning process. We encourage you to observe teachers in your school and to look to Learner.org for great classroom moments you can watch on your own time. Take ideas from our workshops that show real teachers effectively engaging with their own … [Continue reading]