Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum


Why Should We Teach Multicultural Literature?


Why should we encourage our students to read multicultural children’s and young adult literature? Because everyone matters. Because we live in a globally-connected society. Because these books build cultural understanding. Because they are good stories…the list could go on and on. I love Sims Bishop’s (Sims Bishop, 1990) assertion that multicultural books benefit everyone in that they serve as mirrors, windows, and sliding glass … [Continue reading]

Observe and Learn from Effective Teachers


Teachers take the stage every day in front of their students, striving to instruct, engage and guide. Being observed by a classroom of students is the norm. As Matthew O. Richardson points out in his journal article [1] for the National Education Association, “Teachers stand before others and put on a personal exhibition every time they lecture, lead a discussion, or guide a role-play.” Why is it, then, that the prospect of peer observation … [Continue reading]

Thematic Art Project (for high school social studies)


Thematic Art Project Lesson Plan Authors: Karen Marshall and her colleagues at Francis Parker School, San Diego, CA Subject Area: Social Studies Grade Level: 9 Length of Time: about 9 days Note: This project is versatile in that it can be used when covering a specific time period or region. In this particular case, my students were exploring Muslim Empires between 1400-1800 CE. My colleagues in the social studies department came up with … [Continue reading]

How to Share Ideas From Your Classroom

sharing ideas

We know you create amazing lesson plans and activities using Learner.org resources. Share them with other teachers on the Ideas From Your Classrooms section of our blog. Submit your lesson plans and activities to blog@learner.org for consideration. We will post a new activity or lesson plan every Tuesday. Check back often to learn about fresh ideas from your peers. Also, in the Ideas From Your Classrooms section of the blog, we encourage … [Continue reading]