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The Importance of Listening Earnestly


Reading skills are very important to students of all ages, and teachers justly spend a lot of time working with students to build good reading skills. But most of the information students receive over the course of an average day is not presented as writing—it’s presented as sound. Success in life depends on being able to listen. Listening to someone talk is not easy when you break it down. It means being able to understand intonation, … [Continue reading]

Make Reading A Part of Every Day

VLH get caught photo

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” ~Groucho Marx There is nothing better in life than reading books with my dog, Woody! Reading in the Hagan house is a special time. My husband and I read for at least 20 minutes a day. No matter how busy we think we are, we always take the time to read a good book. (A family that reads together, stays together.) Give me a book, my dog, and a small … [Continue reading]

Preparing Students to Read


Written by WGBH Education for Annenberg Learner, Part 3 of 3 (Go to Part 1 and Part 2) Accessing Prior Knowledge When students read, their prior knowledge greatly impacts how they comprehend a text and learn new information from it. This prior knowledge includes both school-based and personal experiences, including previous instruction, academic and out-of-school texts, personal experiences, videos and movies, and discussions with … [Continue reading]

Caught Reading: Measuring Penny


Engaging students in measuring objects and space around us is active and fun! Remember, measuring is always doing – and we all measure, all the time. Consider how often you hear questions that start like this: How much… When will it be time to… How big… Will this fit… Do I have enough… How old… Is this too much… How do these compare… We ask these kinds of questions every day at home, at school, at … [Continue reading]