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Exit Slip: Discussing Race in the Classroom and at Home

33508728 - high school students taking part in group discussion

Reading through my Facebook feed the last several days, I see a lot of discussion about race in response to recent police violence towards black men. I feel encouraged by the people who are taking a stand against racism and by how many parents are asking for help discussing the police shootings and race with their children. There are currently resources available that help parents and teachers think about these issues at home and in the … [Continue reading]

Bring Digital Literacy and Citizenship Skills to Your Class


Before my class started blogging and creating digital stories, they had many questions regarding online use of blogs, social media platforms, and YouTube. Some students, rightfully so, were concerned about their privacy. Some students were more concerned about their communication and the digital footprint they would be leaving. As a result, before we were all comfortable with displaying our work digitally, we needed to address these … [Continue reading]

Lessons for Independence Day


As you are enjoying your holiday picnics, parades, and fireworks, reflect on the history and science behind Independence Day. "Revolutionary Perspectives," of America's History in the Making, reveals the political wrangling that led up to the Declaration of Independence and other state constitutions. Watch A Biography of America, “The Coming of Independence,” to see how English-loving colonists were transformed into freedom-loving … [Continue reading]

Summer Learning: Games


Is it too rainy or hot to go outdoors? Pull out the familiar childhood games of cards, Mousetrap, and Rubik’s Cube. Or learn the mathematics behind game theory in unit 9, “Game Theory,” of Mathematics Illuminated.  Why is poker considered an imperfect game? How do different cultures define ‘fair’? How can language use work like a game? Mousetrap Ever wonder where the concept for the original Mousetrap (published in 1963) game … [Continue reading]

End of Year Reflections by Students in a Student-Centered Class (Guest Post)

Prosser, WA, USA - September,29, 2014. Annual 25-th Hot Air Balloon Rally took place in Prosser, WA on September,27, 2014.

Today's guest post is by educator Kelly Garner (@GarnerRockstars). Her End of Year Reflection caught my attention on Twitter because it demonstrates that her classroom is exceedingly, if not bravely, student-centered. I asked her to share her students' reactions to the school year in a guest post. Here it is: In today’s classrooms there is a mindshift. We are preparing students to enter a world that provides them with opportunities that … [Continue reading]