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Bill of Rights Enacted (December 15, 1791)

2020078 - grunge style background with bill of rights

In 1791, three-fourths of the States ratified the first ten amendments (authored by James Madison) to the U.S. Constitution that now make up the Bill of Rights. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed December 15 as “Bill of Rights Day” in 1941, marking the 150th anniversary of its ratification. Start by having your students read the Bill of Rights, found in America’s History in the Making, unit 6, “The New Nation.” Try the … [Continue reading]

Focus on Geology: Bringing Rocks to Life in the Classroom

Fossilized Leaf. Photo from Earth & Space Science.

You search, we listen. “Rocks” is one of the most frequent search terms on learner.org, so we are highlighting resources for teaching about rocks in this curriculum focus. Students discover different types of rocks and how rocks change with the Rock Cycle Interactive. Students build geological vocabulary, name the different parts of the rock cycle, and take an assessment at the end. This activity is great for independent study in the … [Continue reading]

Teaching Veterans Day (November 11) 

48058869 - veterans day vector illustration. text and american flag with stars.

On Veterans Day, we honor and thank those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. The Department of Veterans Affairs website includes useful materials for teaching about Veterans Day. Also, the following Annenberg Learner materials are available online for use in your classroom: Professor Donald Miller gives a personal view as he describes what life was like for soldiers and their families in program 22, “World War II,” of A … [Continue reading]

Who Am I? Help Students Explore Their Identity

57188443 - brand new green shoes from above on asphalt with who i am sign

Being an English language learner, in middle school, was a really difficult experience. I had many questions about my identity, and who I was as an individual. This was a result of the language shift, but a culture shift played a huge role in this complex narrative that played in my head as well. As a result of this experience, it was so important for me (the teacher) to create a safe classroom culture where students can explore, discuss and … [Continue reading]

Columbus Day: A Multifaceted View


In the United States, the Columbus Day holiday was created to commemorate Christopher Columbus’s landing in the New World in 1492. While this was an achievement, Columbus has also come to negatively represent conquest and colonialism. The following resources provide a multifaceted view of Columbus’s New World encounters. Global trade started with Columbus’s arrival in the New World. America’s History in the Making, unit 2, "Mapping … [Continue reading]