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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Are You an Introverted Teacher in an Extroverted Classroom?


What is your workday like? How do you spend your time at school? Ask the average non-teacher how a K-12 teacher spends their time each day at work, and they will likely picture that teacher in a classroom, lecturing or reading aloud to students sitting quietly in rows of desks, or sitting at their desk grading, or eating lunch in the teacher’s lounge, quietly reading a book or writing notes. They would likely not describe teachers … [Continue reading]

How to Build Motivation in Your Classroom


Sometimes, as teachers, we have a tendency to blame the student for a lack of motivation. Have you ever checked off "lacks motivation" or "lacks effort" on a progress report? Yet we all experience times when we just are not willing to do what is being asked of us. The following resources will help you understand what enhances and hinders motivation to learn. Failure and fear of it saps motivation. Nobody likes to fail, but an optimistic … [Continue reading]

Valentine’s Day in Language Arts and Math Classes


Turn the excitement of Valentine's Day into learning opportunities. Language Arts/Literature Develop reading-related activities around Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. Kindergarten teacher Cindy Wilson features the holidays to build students' oral language, especially useful for second language learners. See "Building Oral Language" in Teaching Reading K-2 Library. Examine the question "How does love overcome hatred and fear?" as … [Continue reading]

Black History Month: We Celebrate Women Writers

7388-author10_Wheatley screen grab

During Black History Month, we pause and reflect on the contributions of great African Americans. The theme of this post is “Black Women in American Culture and History.” In this space, we provide resources to help you teach about women who have made significant contributions to African-American literature. American Passages features several writers who have contributed to and commented on American culture and history. Read the remarkable … [Continue reading]