Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum


Inspiring Women in Mathematics

Teaching Math girl at chalkboard

Maryam Mirzakhani of Stanford University made history earlier this month, becoming the first woman to win the Fields Medal in the 78-year history of the award. The honor, bestowed every four years to two to four mathematics researchers under the age of 40, is often thought of as the Nobel Prize for math. According to the International Mathematical Union, the 37-year-old, Iranian-born Mirzakhani won “for her outstanding contributions to … [Continue reading]

Get Set: Organize and Manage Your Classroom

Teaching Reading K-2 Kostandos

While considering all of the material you will need to cover during the school year, you might be tempted to jump directly into the content. Instead, consider spending time teaching classroom expectations and systems that can create more productive learning environments throughout the year. Here's an example of a productive first grade reading classroom. Watch Valerie Kostandos teach her students to be readers, writers, and leaders in Teaching … [Continue reading]

Get Ready: Build a Learning Community

SS in Action_students talking

Get ready, get set! But before you go, step back and consider the bigger picture. What will your classroom look and feel like? How will students interact with each other? How will they express themselves and share ideas? Teach your students to be learners together and to respect differences by developing a sense of community. See the following examples for different grade levels and subject areas: 1. Teach students how to discuss and … [Continue reading]

Why Should We Teach Multicultural Literature?


Why should we encourage our students to read multicultural children’s and young adult literature? Because everyone matters. Because we live in a globally-connected society. Because these books build cultural understanding. Because they are good stories…the list could go on and on. I love Sims Bishop’s (Sims Bishop, 1990) assertion that multicultural books benefit everyone in that they serve as mirrors, windows, and sliding glass … [Continue reading]