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Teachers: Win a free DVD series from Annenberg Learner!

Here are two of many reasons why I enjoy working for Annenberg Learner.

1. I get to witness and share excellent teaching by real teachers in our workshops. For example, videos of teachers Yo Azama in Teaching Foreign Languages K-12, “Promoting Attractions of Japan,” and Lei-Anna Raymundo in Teaching Math: A Video Library, K-12, program 6, “Animals in Yellowstone,” show them guiding students through thoughtful, creative, and challenging lessons.

2. Online and at conferences, teachers tell me about their practice and students. It’s inspiring to hear how hard you are working to engage students and to reflect on ways to improve instruction and boost learning.

For Teacher Appreciation Week, we would like to say thank you for all you do by giving away a free Annenberg Learner DVD series. Here is how you could win:

In the comments section of this blog post, tell us why you are a teacher. Share what inspired you to become a teacher or reflect on a classroom moment or revelation that keeps you going. Then, we will enter your name in the drawing for a free DVD series.

Post by Thursday night, May 10, to win!

(You must currently be an educator in the United States to win.)



  1. Ruth Palma says:

    The spark on a child’s eyes when they understand something is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, I love to help children learn about the world that surround them. That is why I became a teacher… I love to help a child discover those secrets, and pass that knowledge on to others…

  2. Nancy Foote says:

    What many of my friends and co-workers don’t know if that I tried — for about 7 months — to not be a teacher. Did. Not. Work. Teaching is such a part of me that I have to teach — it is not an option. I have had lots of different jobs — chemist, balloon deliverer (while dressed like a clown and singing a song), CPA office assistant, law library clerk, short order cook, paper deliverer — but none have touched my soul and filled my spirit like being a teacher.

  3. Ian O'Gara says:

    I’ve been a middle school Science teacher for 2 years, and taught part time and substituted before that. I originally got into the teaching business because I had a number of interests, and figured that teaching was a way to put them all together, and make a positive difference in the world.

    Of course, once I actually started in the classroom, I realized that all of that was pure idealism. Teaching is hard work, and takes a huge amount of planning and a certain bit of “magic” to produce those golden moments where real, lasting, meaningful learning has occurred.

    I’ll never forget a lab I did my first year, where one of my students exclaimed in the middle of it, “I feel just like a real scientist!”. That sort of thing certainly keeps me going :)

  4. Paula Dragseth says:

    Teaching is a 2nd career for me. I was in the corporate world, making quite a bit of money, but was not happy with my life. I felt the time for a change was in order, quit my job, became a para-educator and went back to school. Over the course of a few years I worked, went to school full time, managed a family (3 kids), house, and aging in laws. Even though it was difficult and at times a struggle, I knew I was on the right path. I am now a middle school language arts specialist, teaching reading intervention. When you see a teenager light up because they met a reading goal, or test at grade level (something that has never happened before) the journey is worth it. I now feel like I am impacting not just their reading scores but their lives and future. :)

  5. Francis Divirgilio says:

    Teaching is what I do! (26 years) Music and Band, preK-12. Not only do I teach, I share and inspire. I have been doing it since being a student conductor in high school and hope to keep it going for a long time more.

  6. Bob Wildblood says:

    I didn’t start out to be a teacher, but after my first experience as a teaching assistant in graduate school, I knew that what I was meant to do. I have been teaching full time, and now as an adjunct part time for 42 years, because I love the look on a student’s face when they “get it.” I count many former students as friends and I’m sure I”m as proud as their parents when I hear of their accomplishments. Quite a few have gone on to be teachers, and that makes me smile.

  7. Stacie Stacie says:

    We have a winner! Congratulations to Paula Dragseth of Auburn, WA for winning our drawing for a DVD series.

    Thank you to each of you who shared why teaching is important to you. We enjoyed hearing from you and greatly appreciate all you do for your students.

  8. Val Rey says:

    I’m a teacher because my students need me to be. I work with at-risk youth that need someone to show them how to care about life while teaching them the tools that they need to get along in this life. It keeps me going when my students show me that the things I’ve taught them have helped them.

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