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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum


Learner-Featured Scientist Pardis Sabeti Leads Ebola Research

Pardis Sabeti

Since medical professionals in Dallas diagnosed the first case of Ebola on U.S. soil on September 30, 2014, much of the news surrounding the science of the issue has focused on containment, quarantines, and potential treatments involving plasma … [Continue reading]

Prevention Month Recruits Parents, Students, and Teachers to End Bullying

antibullying pic_SPcreatedPS

For children and adolescents across America, October is usually a festive time of year, associated with costumes, candy, haunted houses, and corn mazes. Since 2006, though, October also marks National Bullying Prevention Month, an awareness campaign … [Continue reading]

Citizen Science Tuesday: Monarchs Journey North


Written by Lisa Feldkamp, senior coordinator, new science audiences, The Nature Conservancy Reposted with permission from¬†Cool Green Science, The Science Blog of The Nature Conservancy¬†(October 21, 2014) What is Journey North and Why Should You … [Continue reading]

Teach Your Students to Argue Effectively


Have you ever met anyone with uninformed opinions? Didn't it make you want to explode (or at the very least, lament the decline of mankind by eating pie)? Reasoning is one of our most powerful assets. As teachers, we have the opportunity to prepare … [Continue reading]