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U.S. Thanksgiving Day: Historical Perspective


The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by Pilgrims and their Native American neighbors and allies in 1621. While the holiday is often depicted as emblematic of the American experience, historical records tell a different story about relations between … [Continue reading]

You Don’t Have to Be an Adult to Write a Novel

notebook stack with coffee

Who says writing novels is just for the adults? November is National Novel Writing Month, when the nonprofit NaNoWriMo challenges adults and children around the world to channel their inner novelist to write that first draft by the end of the month. … [Continue reading]

You Have to Speak, Listen, Read, and Write to Teach and Learn Math


Consider these action words: evaluate, explain, identify, interpret, construct, defend, justify, critique, propose, predict Now look again: evaluate this situation; explain your thinking; identify options; interpret the information; … [Continue reading]



Annenberg Learner is pleased to partner with StoryCorps and to announce The Great Thanksgiving Listen.  PRESENTED BY STORYCORPS On Thanksgiving weekend 2015, the acclaimed oral history project StoryCorps will work with U.S. history teachers … [Continue reading]

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