Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum


Have You Flipped Your Classroom Yet?

Rear view of class raising hands

In January, CBS News produced a feature story on the flipped classroom, thrusting the model even further into mainstream discussions of education. Accompanied by glowing reviews from a high school physical science teacher and his students, the … [Continue reading]

Solving Real-World Problems: National Engineers Week, February 16-22


When small children hear the word “engineer,” they may picture someone driving a locomotive. National Engineers Week, which runs from February 16-22, is an opportunity to show them another meaning of the word. Engineers use math and science to … [Continue reading]

Crystal Clear: Celebrating the International Year of Crystallography


What do diamonds, ice, sand, and table salt have in common? Like most solids, they have crystalline structures: they are made up of atoms or molecules arranged in a regular, repeating order. A century ago, scientists developed a technique called … [Continue reading]

A Teachable Moment: Returning Sacred Artifacts to Their Owners

Pomo basket_AF

Annenberg Foundation trustee Gregory Annenberg Weingarten has purchased sacred artifacts to return them to their Native American owners. Twenty-one of these items will be returned to the Hopi Nation in Arizona, and three artifacts belonging to the … [Continue reading]