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Caught Reading: Measuring Penny


Engaging students in measuring objects and space around us is active and fun! Remember, measuring is always doing – and we all measure, all the time. Consider how often you hear questions that start like this: How much… When will it be … [Continue reading]

Literacy in the 21st Century

LIT 16

Written by WGBH Education for Annenberg Learner, Part 2 of 3 (Go to Part 1 and Part 3) “Literacy is no longer a static construct from the standpoint of its defining technology for the past 500 years; it has now come to mean a rapid and … [Continue reading]

Caught Reading: The Soul of an Octopus

Jenny Get Caught photo

Three years ago on a family car trip I started reading a magazine article about octopuses out loud to my husband and daughters, who then were 14 and 10 years old. It held everyone’s attention for more than 20 miles. In the article Sy Montgomery, an … [Continue reading]

Caught Reading: The Journal of John Winthrop, 1630-1649


What must it be like to go to a place you have never seen, or even heard reliable reports of, and rebuild your whole world from scratch? That’s the challenge the first Puritan settlers in today’s Massachusetts faced in 1630. As you can imagine, … [Continue reading]