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How Does Discipline Literacy Differ from Content-area Literacy?

LIT 15

Written by WGBH Education for Annenberg Learner, Part 1 of 3 (Go to Part 2) When students enter middle and high school, their teachers expect them to have mastered the basic skills and strategies necessary for reading and comprehending texts … [Continue reading]

Project Based Learning Activity: Environmental Studies

Habitable Planet_water_screen

This post is written by Bill Fischelis, Director of Curriculum and Learning at NU Vision School This past fall and winter the students at NU Vision School in Boston used The Habitable Planet series from Annenberg Learner as one of the major … [Continue reading]

How to Use Twitter Chats for Professional Development


It used to be that teachers had to get together at conferences to share their expertise, their lesson plans, their ideas and opinions, their best practices, and their questions. Now teachers have a wealth of online options for sharing what they know … [Continue reading]

Teach About the Human Condition With Poetry


“Ferguson’s ugly, racist, emails released.” (CNN) “OU shuts down fraternity after racist chant.” (CBS News) “U.N. reveals ‘alarmingly high’ levels of violence against women.” (The New York Times) These are news headlines … [Continue reading]