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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Physical Geography: Examining Earth’s Lithosphere


Destructive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions often make headlines and prompt humanitarian relief efforts, though the forces that cause these events are, in fact, mundane and constant. Explore the physical processes operating in the lithosphere, the … [Continue reading]

Let Us Help You With Your Resolutions!


You're quickly approaching the 100th day of the school year, and you've decided to refine and refresh your teaching methods as you enter the long stretch from January through June. So far, many of your students are coming along nicely, but others are … [Continue reading]

Lessons for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Beyond

Bio fo Amer_24_King

Martin Luther King, Jr. championed human rights in the United States and encouraged Americans to use nonviolent protest to help solve social problems. Congress designated the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday as a national day of community … [Continue reading]

International Creativity Month: Invite Your Students to Play


The beginning of the year is a time for resolutions and reflection. January is also International Creativity Month. Make a resolution to incorporate opportunities for students to flex their creative muscles into your lessons. Let them write, paint, … [Continue reading]