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Teach Students to Like Math

Teaching Math Library, K-4, program 6, "Animals in Yellowstone"
Fourth- and fifth-graders develop number sense and meaning for large numbers by estimating how many bison, elk, and pronghorn they saw on a field trip to Yellowstone National Park.

No Math = No Fun Know Math = Know Fun! Math has a special kind of beauty and appeal to the person who is willing to look. Yet we know there are students who don’t know how to look, and there are students who look and are unable to see. There are … [Continue reading]

How to Analyze Crafted and Captured Moments in Photographs


Photos are immediate—they are unstaged, unplanned, caught in the moment to stand as witnesses to history. …well, some of the time. Some photos really are all that, and they really do capture a moment that speaks to millions of people. For … [Continue reading]

Selfie: Bringing Personal Meaning to Photos


When students see a photograph in a classroom, a textbook, or a school project, they often treat it just like a poem or short story: they try to clearly state what the photo “means.” They believe that a photo has a unique, incontestable meaning … [Continue reading]

Let Kids Read Whatever They Want!

Children looking at picture books at school, Santa Clara, Utah. Credit: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection, [reproduction number, e.g., LC-USF35-1326]

“You can’t read that.” “You shouldn’t read that.” “Why would you read that?” Leave kids alone. Let them read, for goodness sake! Well-intentioned adults (teachers and parents) are doing a huge disservice to kids when we … [Continue reading]