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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum


Take a Virtual Field Trip to See the Monarchs

Monarchs Wintering in Mexico, image by Elizabeth Howard

Monarchs Wintering in Mexico, image by Elizabeth Howard

Happy Friday! We hope you had a great week teaching.

Take a break and watch this amazing video footage (Video courtesy of Art Howard, Artwork) of the monarch butterflies roosting in Mexico. Journey North starts the spring monarch migration season off in Mexico with the sights and sounds of a butterfly colony.

If you’re feeling inspired and creative, write a poem. What words would a poet write while sitting below butterfly-filled branches?


Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Journey North gardeners are excited about predicting spring using science and technology. Are they smarter than a groundhog? Visit the Journey North site to see these citizen scientists at work. Also, learn how you and your students can get involved in research that helps us understand connections between climate and plant growth.